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Zac -> Cache Only DNS server on ISA 2006 (7.Aug.2007 2:02:20 PM)


I am planning to install cache only DNS server on my New ISA (3-legged). While reading Tomís book ISA 2004, on page 497-499 I understood how to install DNS on ISA. But I am not able to follow the details mentioned on page 500-501 i.e. to configure Reverse Lookup Zone & forward Lookup Zone. Does Mr. Tom mean to say that these settings are to be done on the DNS configurations of ISA it self or on the Internal DNS which is used for AD? Because I have an internal DN used for AD and it is been already configured with reverse and forward lookup Zone. So do I have to configure these again on the ISAís DNS?

Thanks a million in advance,


tshinder -> RE: Cache Only DNS server on ISA 2006 (9.Aug.2007 9:58:02 AM)

Hi Zac,

You don't need to create a forward lookup zone on the ISA Firewall, since it's only a caching only DNS server. You only need to create the forwarding record to forward internal network name resolution to the internal DNS server.


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