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pdesroches -> Sharepoint LDAP authentification (15.Aug.2007 3:01:56 PM)


We have 2 domains connected to the isa box. I add the 2 domain controlleras LDAP server in ISA after reading your article.

The sharepoint 2007 server is part of domain 1.

I use not https and NTLM authentification using isa html form.

Everything is working fine with domain1 user from the external network but I can't connect using user from domain 2.

Locally on domain1 I can't logon to sharepoint using a domain2 user, so it's not a sharepoint related problem.

Is there a way to test the isa authentification from isa admin to domain 2 ?



Jason Jones -> RE: Sharepoint LDAP authentification (28.Sep.2007 7:10:50 PM)

Have you defined different LDAP search refrerences so that 'domain1\user' goes to domain1 DCs and 'domain2\user' goes to domain2 DCs?

pdesroches -> RE: Sharepoint LDAP authentification (19.Oct.2007 9:02:20 AM)


Yes I map the 2 domain differently.

In the log I can anonymous login denied.



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