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zebo51 -> Mail & Web Publishing not working (10.Sep.2007 9:54:53 AM)

Just setup a 2003 server SP1 and installed ISA2006 SE.  Used the security wizzard and applied the 2006 template.  ISA server is a member of the domain.  Internally I can ping it, RDP to it and it can resolve other names on the internal network.  I can't however get my published websites or mail server to work.  POP3 seems to be working, I can at least login and check messages.

I am currently running ISA2004 and publishing the same mail server, websites, OWA etc.  During setup and testing I am just moving the external network connection from one to the other.  Oh and I am setup as an edge firewall w/ two nics (internal & external).

I just have one server that runs mail and the websites.  So I move the external cable to the 2006 box.  I change the gateway on my mail/web server to use the 2006 box.  I can surf from my web server or any other PC using the new 2006 box.  Looking at the log I see first attempt as a Denied Connection from Default Rule and a http get request.  The default rule is last on my firewall policy list.  Then I get two DNS allows from ISA server to selected server entries with a result code of 0x80074e20 FWX_E_GRACEFUL_SHUTDOWN.  I also see a 0x0 ERROR_SUCCESS when an attempt is made to connect to a published site. 

What might I be missing?

Also I noticed in ISA2004 under the logging tab I have the extra description of log entries and on ISA2006 it is not showing.  Is there a way to active or turn it on?

Edit:   Forget to mention my mail.  I published my SMTP server and email never comes in.

zebo51 -> RE: Mail & Web Publishing not working (12.Sep.2007 11:58:54 AM)

bump bump, can any help?  Any ideas at all?

I just saw there is a patch/update out for the better logging, so I will get that installed soon to see if it helps.


zebo51 -> RE: Mail & Web Publishing not working (14.Sep.2007 8:38:32 AM)

elmajdal or tshinder any ideas?


zebo51 -> RE: Mail & Web Publishing not working (24.Sep.2007 3:18:27 PM)

Still needing help.


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