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peruvious -> advice on installation (11.Sep.2007 3:05:59 AM)

Guys, i am new to ISA and i need to get my head around something that i`m confused about and it`s bugging the hell out of me. Here goes:

We have at work an ISA firewall all working with no problems ok, now what if i want to configure a back to back firewall? will the existing firewall be my front or back end firewall, and what firewall policies do i need to have on the other ISA server in order for it to be either the back end or front end?

tshinder -> RE: advice on installation (23.Sep.2007 10:06:51 AM)

I think the first question should be "why do I want a back to back ISA Firewall configuration".

Once you have that answer, you'll be able to answer the other questions.


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