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AymanOZ -> Proxy Time out (12.Sep.2007 6:35:41 AM)

Hi guys,
Here is the deal: We have a W2k3 + ISA2k4 box acting as a Proxy server, but some https pages return me this message:

Error Code: 504 Proxy Timeout. This operation returned because the timeout period expired. (1460)

When I try to access the same site from my Home, the page is displayed correctly. Is there something that I maybe missing?
website :

Thanx in advance.

Rotorblade -> RE: Proxy Time out (12.Sep.2007 9:23:15 AM)


What ISA version r u running? (Service pack)

Is it just HTTPS?


unleashedpsycho -> RE: Proxy Time out (4.Oct.2007 4:20:10 AM)

Hi Rotorblade,
I've been facing the same problem....
My ISA Version's W2k3+2004 SP3
Mine's actually both HTTP and HTTPS sites...

Pls post the best and working answer....
thanks in advance..

abqtech -> RE: Proxy Time out (12.Oct.2007 1:27:39 PM)

Your'e best bet is to get a network trace of the traffic, and analyze what's occuring, especially with timeouts. (i.e. as long running HTTP application queryies, or extreme latency may be occuring from the site you're proxied to.)
You're going to be looking for the delta's between when the last client side packet was sent and when the ISA Server (or whatever is generating a response) reply to the request on a given connection

By default in ISA 2004 a time out will occur on web proxy requests that exceed 120 seconds.  So if you're getting timeouts at 120 seconds is quite possible that ISA is the culprit.

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