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xdakotakid -> FW Client losing settings (4.Oct.2007 1:58:58 PM)

I've got a user that the firewall client reverts back to auto-config everyone morning.  I make the settings change to specify the isa server and it runs fine until they reboot their computer.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

elmajdal -> RE: FW Client losing settings (4.Oct.2007 2:50:23 PM)

Thats strange !

any errors in the event viewer ??

jmilito -> RE: FW Client losing settings (5.Oct.2007 12:23:57 PM)

Are you speaking of the firewall client software or the browser itself? 

If you are speaking of the browser switching back to "Automatically Detect Settings"...you have to make sure this is unchecked on the configuration > networks > internal network > properties > firewall client tab.

And/or you have configured "Automatically Detect Settings" on a group policy somewhere.

If you are speaking of the actual firewall client...that is weird.

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