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Rinkie -> ISA 2006 - Setup Failed to Install ADAM (11.Oct.2007 12:32:46 PM)

I am trying to install the trial version of ISA 2006 on a Windows Server 2003 Server - Enterprise Edition. During installation, it asks for the Disc 2 of Win 03 R2 cd set. I put the cd in a physical box on the network, mapped a drive from the virtual server to the cd (shared) and selected 'update.exe' from the 'cmpnts\r2\packages\update\adam' but I receive the error message 'setup failed to install ADAM'. Any thoughts on how i can get this installed?



jabramo -> RE: ISA 2006 - Setup Failed to Install ADAM (30.Nov.2007 12:20:24 AM)

Two bad combinations:

Windows 2003 Ent.E R2 and ISA 2006. ISA does not like remote or network path installation. The CD must be in the physical machine of the ISA server in order to complete the installation. Have seen it 100s of times. On the other hand, ISA 2006  and R2 will cause issues no matter what. Either at the begining or at the end. The most common error would have to be the Wrong Volume window pop up when ISA finishes the installation.

Try Win2003 Ent Edition with SP1 only. It works like a charm

Jason Jones -> RE: ISA 2006 - Setup Failed to Install ADAM (30.Nov.2007 4:09:28 AM)


Do you guys not copy the OS and applications source locally whenever you build servers?

I have been using this kind of build for many customers since R2 came out and and not had any issues - what kind of things have you seen as I am curious how I have avoided them?

EE and Windows Ent R2 - can you provide any MS references to problems?

Maybe I have just been lucky! [:)]



jabramo -> RE: ISA 2006 - Setup Failed to Install ADAM (30.Nov.2007 7:47:28 AM)


During the installation of the OS everything seems to be normal, reboot, etc...etc...

When installing ISA 2006 EE, at the last stage of completion, an error windows shows up stating Windows -Wrong Volume and has a code which I don't have it with me. ADAM gets discounnected constantly and has to be restarted more often than anything else. It is a rare case to see error like this as I have done many ISA projects back from Proxy 2.0 all way to ISA 2006. However, when W2K3 EE with SP1 is installed, ISA goes very smoothly with no ADAM issues or Wrong Volume indications.

Server hardware areHP Proliant DL380 G4 with 4Xeon Procs, 2GB RAM and plenty of disk space. No issues there.

So, that has been our experience with these two combinations of products so far.

Jason Jones -> RE: ISA 2006 - Setup Failed to Install ADAM (30.Nov.2007 12:20:20 PM)

Weird, used very similar kit and never seen live and learn [:)]

sbostedor -> RE: ISA 2006 - Setup Failed to Install ADAM (21.Dec.2007 12:06:27 PM)

It works fine if you copy the contents of the ISA 2006 CD to a folder on the hard drive, place the Windows 2003 R2 disc 2 into the CD drive, and install that way.

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