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bl_bl -> Help with publishing several RDPs (15.Oct.2007 7:56:39 AM)


Today I have RDP running on my ISA 2000 Server. From that I can connect from the outside to my ISA Server and to other servers on the inside (via RDP) as well. Now I thought I would make it a step less when connecting and thus I want to directly connect to a specific server on the inside with RDP from the outside.

As said, I have RDP working on the inside and if I connect to one server internally that works. I've changed the registry to set one server on a different port and that is working as well (port 1234).

My idea was that I would connect from the outside specifying the new port (e.g mstsc.exe / and make a forward in the ISA Server but I can't get it to work.

So, is there anything special that I need to know to make it work?

Any good ideas?


elmajdal -> RE: Help with publishing several RDPs (17.Oct.2007 2:41:33 AM)


Its been ages since i last worked with ISA 2000.

but the idea is that you need to publish your RDP Server.

so creating a publishing rule. not an access rule.


elmajdal -> RE: Help with publishing several RDPs (17.Oct.2007 2:43:16 AM)

Hi again,

this article might help you :

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