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imayroam -> What saving does caching give me? (17.Oct.2007 4:55:01 AM)


I have a couple of different versions of ISA around my company (out of my control), and we are looking at centralising them.  How can I determine how much bandwidth saving I am getting from having the caching locally?  I expect that by centralising the servers, my WAN bandwidth will increase, but by how much?

Any ideas would be gratefully appreciated,


abqtech -> RE: What saving does caching give me? (18.Oct.2007 4:04:31 PM)

I have not yet seen a formula that allows you to plug in different variables, which returns the savings offered by "caching", probably because there are just too many variables.

However, Microsoft has released a ISA 2006 capacity planner, which is publically available at:

It's worth a look.

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