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espigle -> Evaluation to licensed version (17.Oct.2007 3:23:17 PM)

What process is involved when going from the ISA 2006 eval to the licensed version?  Will I have to uninstall the eval and install the licensed version?  Is there some way to enter in a valid license with the eval and move forward without reinstalling?  Lastly, how can I see how many days I have left on my evaluation?  I've been spoiled by my Exchange 2007 eval as it tells me every time I open up the management console.  I can't find it anywhere in this thing, and I've scoured from top to bottom.


cdelong -> RE: Evaluation to licensed version (18.Oct.2007 3:57:39 PM)

I also am a bit confused with this issue.  Currently we have the evaluation version of ISA 2006 Enterprise installed, and we purchased an Open License from Microsoft for the product.  Now I would like to activate the software before the trial period expires.  Anyone know of a pointer to the documentation of how to perform this task?

You guessed it - I'm a newbie, and we have been running BSD 'nix and squid to perform our tasks, but we wanted a scalable product for our new 10 MBps pipe...

elmajdal -> RE: Evaluation to licensed version (18.Oct.2007 6:53:31 PM)



Anyone know of a pointer to the documentation of how to perform this task?

you will need to perform the following:

  1. backup your settings
  2. uninstall the eval version
  3. install the lincesed version
  4. restore your settings, that were taken from step # 1


espigle -> RE: Evaluation to licensed version (19.Oct.2007 11:48:18 AM)

I was able to talk to a Microsoft representative about this and here is where they pointed me:


It appears you don't actually need to uninstall the evaluation.  I seem to recall doing this before with another Microsoft evaluation product.  The procedure to move to the full licensend version just involved me putting in the media for the final product and entering in the key code somewhere along the way, and the rest of the process was very quick and easy.  I think backing up the full configuration is just being smart--as the article points out you should do.

This is the route I'm going to take and I am not going to uninstall as I recall I had no issues before with another evaluation product and going the route of just "upgrading" using the final release media.

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