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Sunny.C -> TS Problem on DMZ network (18.Oct.2007 12:57:47 AM)

Hey people,

As you can see i have a rather rare network layout but it works like a charm for me. http://members.iinet.net.au/~sunny.c/RDP.jpg

One problem i am facing is NAT on the DMZ network to the internal network.
I am trying to take on some of the load of our main link and run it on the DMZ link, such as the terminal server access. I have open the ports on the DMZ router and added the routes to the NIC. I can see the RDP request hitting the ISA firewall but it is not hitting the internal network. Any ideas or suggestions on what may be the problem??


Sunny.C -> RE: TS Problem on DMZ network (24.Oct.2007 9:53:13 AM)


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