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dantheman -> ISA Auto Page Redirection (25.Oct.2007 7:49:38 AM)

Hi All,
I have 2 x ISA 2004 EE server, being used as web proxies. The ISA servers servers are in an array and CARP is not enabled. There are 3 sites that when the users go to them they are redirected to another site immediately. When i look on the logging i can see the traffic and the the browser changing sites, however i cannot seem to stop it doing this, and when i use a machine in front of ISA it stays on the originally requested site.

I have tested the DNS, by resolving the URL's at ISA and at a client, they are both returning the correct ip address. The IP address of the site it redirects to is totally different.

After testing the DNS i wondered whether the cache was corrupted, so i used 'cachedir dump' to clear the cache and this hasnt worked either.

Can anyone shed any light of what maybe causing this?

bgd_pep -> RE: ISA Auto Page Redirection (25.Oct.2007 8:07:03 AM)

Mybe you have something in the ISA' hosts file and from there is redirected.
But where the traffic is redirected ?
In the same place always, for all three sites?

dantheman -> RE: ISA Auto Page Redirection (25.Oct.2007 8:15:23 AM)

Thank you for your reply but there is nothing in the Hosts file on either machine.

Rotorblade -> RE: ISA Auto Page Redirection (25.Oct.2007 10:40:04 AM)

Hi Dan,

Do you have any access rules configured to redirect based on a URL or Domain set?


dantheman -> RE: ISA Auto Page Redirection (25.Oct.2007 10:44:31 AM)

Thanks for your reply, no i havnt configured any rules to redirect these urls.


ClintD -> RE: ISA Auto Page Redirection (25.Oct.2007 4:38:45 PM)

"cachedir -dump" only dumps a listing of the cache contents to a file. In order to clear the cache for a particular URL, run cachedir.exe and once the utilitiy opens, find either the URL in the list, or resolve the IP address of the site manually and look for this address in the list, then right-click the object and choose the "Mark object as obsolete".

dantheman -> RE: ISA Auto Page Redirection (29.Oct.2007 5:50:12 AM)

Hi Clint,
Thanks for your reply, i did this over the weekend, but still no luck.


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