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arielbarriga -> Allow Real VNC (27.Oct.2007 3:44:35 PM)

    Hi guys i installed real vnc to my laptop so that i can remotely manage my isa2006 remotely but it gives me an error "unable to connect to host:connection timeout(10060)" . how will i allow vnc to my firewall. what rules and policies do i have to make. 

elmajdal -> RE: Allow Real VNC (27.Oct.2007 3:52:40 PM)


Check this :


arielbarriga -> RE: Allow Real VNC (27.Oct.2007 4:27:21 PM)

    Hi how are you. thanks for the link and i did everything there. but still i cant connect to my isa server. i installed same vnc software to my laptop and server isa. thnaks

arielbarriga -> RE: Allow Real VNC (27.Oct.2007 4:32:47 PM)

    hey its working now . what i did is that on the vnc on my laptop what i put to the address is the public ip of my server2006. but when i tryd to put the local ip it will not work. so strange. i dont know whats the problem. thanks

elmajdal -> RE: Allow Real VNC (28.Oct.2007 4:05:04 AM)

Sure .

You have created a publishing rule right ??

you will be able to use either a public domain name or a public IP.

If you used VPN, then you would be able to use a local IP.

arielbarriga -> RE: Allow Real VNC (28.Oct.2007 10:29:17 AM)

    Ahhh. thats why. i follow you. thank you so much. youre good.
thanks for the help

arielbarriga -> RE: Allow Real VNC (28.Oct.2007 10:47:52 AM)

    by the way i already setup iis and ftp to my windows2003.

my ftp server is same server with my isa2006. i tryd accessing my ftp server thru a public ip from my laptop and it went thru but when i asked my frend in the Philippines to access my ftp server they said they cant access. what seems to be my problem. and how will i fix this issue. thanks

elmajdal -> RE: Allow Real VNC (28.Oct.2007 10:52:40 AM)

No NO NO !!!

Never install IIS on ISA Server.

IIS = WebServer, ISA = Firewall and these 2 can not be mixed on a single machine, from a security point of view !

can not u put your ftp server anywhere else, except your Firewall

arielbarriga -> RE: Allow Real VNC (28.Oct.2007 2:33:56 PM)

    OHH okay. i did not know that thing. thank you so much. 

elmajdal -> RE: Allow Real VNC (28.Oct.2007 4:08:32 PM)

Hi again,

Thanks for your understanding.

and thanks for the follow up.

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