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Bolts -> ISA Server 2000 VMware (27.Oct.2007 9:37:57 PM)

In the tutorial section to ISA Server 2000 of this site, Ricky M. Magalhaes mentions using VMware to set up a test lab of sorts:

Using VMware you can install multiple machines within one machine I recommend you only install two in one. Using this machine you can install two ISA servers join them to the same array. They are on the same machine so donít confuse the two.

I've only used VMware once, and I'm not quite sure what he means by "Using this machine you can install two ISA servers join them to the same array." What does that mena, and can somebody point me in the right direction on a "how-to" for that? Is this "array" setup a VMware feature or an ISA Server feature?


AHIT -> RE: ISA Server 2000 VMware (29.Oct.2007 1:44:21 AM)

I've looked and I've searched and I've ssearched and I've looked... I cant find any article about ISA 2000 and Vmware.
However, I suspect (wherever this article is!) that, based on your post, it is about creating a virtual 'array' of 2 ISA servers running within VMware virtual machines... and not to confuse between the 2 virtual machines that are essentially doing the same thing!

Personally, I'd use Virtual PC to do this... Its a great little tool, free (yeah, yeah, so's VM) and (but?) you can often download the virtual Hard drive for some apps to test so they're already configured! No waiting to install an OS and then the app! Easy!!

See the article for How to build an ISA firewall lab with Virtual PC 2004. I guess the same could apply to ISA2000... or ISA 2006 (on VPC2007 of course)

seegrem -> RE: ISA Server 2000 VMware (31.Oct.2011 2:56:05 AM)

Thanks for provide me information about this topic because this will help me.If any body know that which standard is used in ISA Server 2000 VMware.

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