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doom1701 -> Any Webmonitor Users jumping ship? (12.Nov.2007 11:31:13 AM)

Webmonitor's new subscription pricing has taken it from being a good, cost effective content management and protection solution to a overpriced insult to my intelligence.  We've gone from having to come up with a few hundred dollars each year in maintenance on WM and the virus products to having to come up with $4k+ for a year's "subscription".

WM was an easy choice early on because of the features and the price, but now that it's more expensive than other packages, I have to take a look at other possibilities.  For us, content filtering isn't nearly as important as the ability to virus scan every incoming file--being able to stop the spyware before it even gets past the firewall has saved me countless hours of support time.

AHIT -> RE: Any Webmonitor Users jumping ship? (25.Nov.2007 4:53:26 AM)

I'm not familiar with the product, nor it's pricing but i'm afraid I hve to play Devils Advocate with the statement:

saved me countless hours

How many? 5? 50? 500? Give that saving of YOUr time + the productivity of your clients/machines is it worth the couple thousand?

Again, Im not supporting the product nor saying that there may not be something bigger, better, cheaper out there... but WAY too often I hear from my clients (new and old) that "we have to replace X because the costs have gone up....... but we'd be lost without it". Maybe thank the stars for getting a solution so cheap for so long, smile at the savings, sigh and sign the renewal cheque... [:D]

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