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charlie_isa -> Interacting with ISA 2006 Server Logs (12.Nov.2007 12:43:11 PM)


I just recently started working with ISA  on top of Windows Server Starndard 2003 at my new job, so my question is this:

how to work with the logs in ISA 2006 Standard Edition?

I tried copy+paste of the mdf files but it wont let me transfer them and I dont want to install SQL (though i will if someone explains if its absolutely necessary). In ISA 2000 we could just pull the LOG file and export it to SQL Server and work there. Is this method still possible in some form in isa 2006??

Thanks to any replys.

gwenz -> RE: Interacting with ISA 2006 Server Logs (14.Nov.2007 12:30:14 PM)

Hi Charlie,

The short answer, start ISA MMC - navigate to Monitoring - Logging.
If you want to see log history, go to Logging > Edit Filter > Log Time > Choose a time period.

I'm curious, do you have any system management tools that would help you monitor logs for all your servers and clients?


charlie_isa -> RE: Interacting with ISA 2006 Server Logs (15.Nov.2007 4:16:16 PM)

Thank you for your post Gwen. I currently just started working with ISA 2006 so I dont know what other tools there are to monitor it [&o].
However, my question was about pulling the logs out of the ISA and work with them on another computer. Have you worked with other tools, and if so can you recommend me some?

Again thank you for your time.


elmajdal -> RE: Interacting with ISA 2006 Server Logs (16.Nov.2007 9:37:29 AM)


check Tom blog here :

gwenz -> RE: Interacting with ISA 2006 Server Logs (16.Nov.2007 12:22:23 PM)

Hi Charlie,

No need to be shy about being new to a technology. We are all newbies at some point in time. (I've never met an infant who was an expert at anything other than being hungry.)

There are a number of different products out there to help you manage your system. I mostly know about System Center Essentials 2007.  You can check out my blog at to learn more.

You didn't mention the size of your organization, but I have a hunch it is a midsize company.  Essentials 2007 not only would help you manage your ISA server, but up to 30 other servers and up to 500 client systems from a single unified console. You can get hardware inventories, manage software updates, push out complete applications, monitor network devices all from a single interface.

Hope that helps,


charlie_isa -> RE: Interacting with ISA 2006 Server Logs (20.Nov.2007 7:00:14 PM)

Thanks for the posts everyone. I will read up on Essentials 2007. Regarding the size of my works network, I would have to say its a midsize network, with 11 offices connected thru our ISP.

My problem is that I have NO administrative privileges to the routers. All that is done by my ISP.

gwenz -> RE: Interacting with ISA 2006 Server Logs (20.Dec.2007 6:15:43 PM)

Hi Charlie,

Just wanted to let you know that there is a new Essentials 2007 VHD available.  It's a 30-day full feature demo that you can join to your existing domain.  That way you can look at clients and servers you already are using and see whether it fits your needs.

Read more details at


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