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cascadia -> Cache Everything - (think website TIVO) (14.Nov.2007 9:40:54 PM)

I am attempting to analyze some bad websites which have malicious scripts to better protect users against them.  The problem (if you see it that way) is that these pages are very transient.  I've been trying to use ISA server's cache on VMs to "play back" these bad pages so that I can further analyze these threats even after they have moved on to other domains.  I've had spotty success.

I think that the fact that ISA server will not cache certain pages with "no-cache" or "cache control" headers is to blame.  I don't want to strip any headers because I want true "user" experience to be "recorded".

Does anyone have an idea to make ISA server cache everything?  Or does anyone have a better idea (that fits on a startup's budget)?


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