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darweesh1 -> Very Wiered Problem (16.Nov.2007 2:35:09 PM)

I have installed me new ISA 2000 server, after preparing my first new domain controller in a network, the ISA is on a seperate server, and I have configured the needed packet filters and rules, POP3 and SMTP works finem but if I log on to windows on the ISA server it STOPS working and http still works, and I solve it only by restarting the ISA and staying unlogged to windows, if I log it pop3 wil stop again and I will need to restart coz log off will not help.
Any can help me please?


AHIT -> RE: Very Wiered Problem (16.Nov.2007 5:56:27 PM)

Very weird indeed!
I'd suggest first attempting to rule out ISA as being related to the problem.
Stop the ISA services (firewall, web proxy etc) and then set them each to 'manual' or 'disabled'.
Now restart the machine and verify your POP3 and SMTP are working, now log on to the ISA server using the appropriate accoutn whcih previously caused your problem. Does POP3 and SMTP 'fail' now?

Re-reading of your post, it seems to indicate if you login on the ISA machne at all then your problem exists.... how then have you create all the 'needed packet filters and rules' if you can't login on the machine without causing this problem? I guess the ISA console doesn't seem to crash, just the underlying services?

If by some freak of nature this IS related to ISA, then I'd suggest removing it and starting afresh with your ISA install, SP2 and creating your rules one by one as this is certainly not a 'common' problem.

Best O' luck.

darweesh1 -> RE: Very Wiered Problem (17.Nov.2007 2:18:55 AM)

I can work on the ISA and it is stable, nothing wrong with the software, it also has sp2 installed, and the windows is 2003 enterprise R2, no errors occur just as I said I can configure what I want but I have to restart the whole machine not the ISA services as that did not work, then I keep myself logged off to make POP3 and SMTP work, if I log on everything on the internet stays working except the POP3 and SMTP.

AHIT -> RE: Very Wiered Problem (17.Nov.2007 7:40:36 PM)

IS this a 'fresh install' or an older isntall thats started having these problems?
See on how to install ISA 2000 on Win2003 - ensures you get the isahf255 hotfix

If its an older isntall thats just started having the problem, refer to your change control documentation (you do have some don't you?) as to what the most recent thing to change was and compare to when the problem started occuring. Most likely whatever changed last broke it.

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