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JesusisLord -> Export Settings Error (5.Dec.2007 2:56:03 PM)

Dear All,

The other day when I tried to backup my ISA config I got this error message:-


A failure occurred. The task was not activated

Error 0x80070016

The device does not recognize the command.


I have rebooted the server, for other reasons since, and as I have tried to export the settings again I get the same error, basically it appears as though it is backing it up, it gets about halfway and then gives the above error message, I would be grateful for some help / advice.

Kindest Regards


tshinder -> RE: Export Settings Error (6.Dec.2007 11:25:28 AM)


Is this ISA SE or EE?

2004 or 2006?

Any 3rd party software installed?

Any custom settings on the machine?


JesusisLord -> RE: Export Settings Error (6.Dec.2007 1:31:11 PM)

Dear Tom,

It is ISA Server 2006 SE, running on Windows Server 2003 R2, initially my ISA Server was Windows 2003 Server SP1 but the machine died and so I used a better spec server which had Windows 2003 R2 edition on.

The export and import of settings worked in order to get it going, It just seems weird that it is doing this. I really would like to get it sorted soon so I hope this helps.

Thanks for your time



Just to add to above, I actually tried exporting the settings without ticking the two boxes to export user configuration with secure password and the backup worked, so it seems to be when i tick the two boxes and add a password to the export - then the problem happens, HTH :)

tshinder -> RE: Export Settings Error (7.Dec.2007 10:48:03 AM)

Well, at least you found a partial solution.

I'll see if I can find a reason for why this would happen.


ISAServerTools -> RE: Export Settings Error (10.Mar.2009 5:25:44 PM)

In case anyone else has this problem, I have found a solution. I'm not sure exactly what causes the problem, but it is related to the VendorParameterSet object within ISA Server storage.

In ISA Server 2006, this is stored in the registry hives HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\IsaStg_Eff1 and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\IsaStg_Eff1Policy

You can't modify these while the ISA services are running, and when you stop them, the hives go away. There is a workaround, but it will almost certainly hose any third party software installed on the ISA Server, because you will be deleting the VendorParameterSets.
  1. Stop the ISA services with net stop isastg /y
  2. Run RegEdit.exe
  4. Select File...Load Hive
  5. Locate the file HiveEff1.dat under <ISA Installation Folder>\StgData
  6. Enter IsaStg_Eff1 for the hive name
  8. Select File... Load Hive
  9. Locate the file HiveEff1Policy.dat under <ISA Installation Folder>\StgData
  10. Enter IsaStg_Eff1Policy for the hive name
  11. Navigate to the VendorParameterSets key underneath each of these newly loaded hives and delete all the keys UNDERNEATH each hive
  12. Select each of the two hives and then select File... Unload Hive
  13. Restart ISA Services...

tshinder -> RE: Export Settings Error (13.Mar.2009 10:10:57 AM)

Nice tip!


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