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AfricanIvory -> OWA Redirect + ActiveSync using same listener (17.Dec.2007 5:46:46 PM)

Exchange 2007
ISA 2006 (2 NICs)

I've configured ISA 2006 to listen for OWA requests on owa.company.com. I then configured a redirect rule above the OWA rule to redirect owa.company.com to redirect requests from owa.company.com to https://owa.company.com/owa. This works like a charm. (FBA from the ISA server to client)

Above both of these rules, I configured an ActiveSync rule to use the same listener as the OWA rule. When I enter https://owa.company.com/microsoft-server-activesync in a browser to look for the 501/505 error....I ge the form for logging on to OWA. When I run this url in the browser from inside against the Exchange 2007 CAS server, I do get the 501/505 error. Thus, my rule setup sucks somewhere. Any ideas would be appreciated at this stage.

I configured everything as per: http://www.microsoft.com/technet/isa/2006/deployment/exchange.mspx
Thanks in advance.


hsdhilon -> RE: OWA Redirect + ActiveSync using same listener (17.Dec.2007 9:47:43 PM)

Take a look at http://www.isaserver.org/tutorials/Publishing-Exchange-2007-OWA-Exchange-ActiveSync-RPCHTTP-using-2006-ISA-Firewall-Part1.html

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