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wizbangdoodle -> ISA and spam (17.Dec.2007 6:25:08 PM)

I am very new to ISA and am trying to learn as much as I can.  My question is, can spam be blocked or limited by ISA Server?  I run ISA Server 2004 and use a pop3 for email.

hsdhilon -> RE: ISA and spam (17.Dec.2007 9:36:38 PM)

If you are using ISA 2004, then you are in some luck. ISA 2004 does have a Message Screener which you can configure to do some very basic anti-SPAM operations which includes blocking keywords and strings in the message content in addition to block common SMTP attacks. You can extend it by using third party tools like the one listed on

With ISA 2006, Microsoft decided to drop the Message screener as they want to push Antigen product which resides on Exchange server and protect exchange against viruses, spam and other email related threats.

-= harp

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