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xjamest -> LCS2005 Acces Proxy (5.Jan.2008 4:42:20 PM)

Hello guys, I hope someone can help me.

I am publishing a LCS 2005 Access Proxy, and I read that it only needs to be open port 5061 TCp, inbound and outbound. I tried several configurations, and in an Access rule I put the "Local Host" network and clients inside the LAN (for test purposes) with all the traffic allowed. The thing is, I can do a telnet to port 5061 to from an ISA array member, and I cant do the telnet from any other place (DMZ and LAN). I activate the logging, and I can see the rule saying that that the ISA server connects to by that access rule. And from the other clients, it doesnt log anything, until I do a telnet to 5061 to an array member, it logs the attempt.

I disable the spoofing too.

Any comments?

Thanks in advance.

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