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remushociota -> Status: 302 Moved Temporarily (7.Jan.2008 6:21:42 PM)

As this problem is driving me nuts I will try to start with the basics. Anyone willing to try and do this with me?
So I have a website with anonymous access. No authentication is required in the sense of windows authentication.
For all my login pages I try to direct users to https instead of http, check their username and password then log them into the site and back to http they go.
However the problem starts when you try to view the page that should redirect you via http. It just hangs in there and in the ISA Monitor I see this only idication that there might be a problem:

Status: 302 Moved Temporarily

It is a simple redirection made with php. You can simulate it like this. Inside a php file write this:
<?php  header('Location:'); ?>

It will just hang in there... any idea why?


remushociota -> RE: Status: 302 Moved Temporarily (8.Jan.2008 3:09:23 PM)

Yeah it's annoying... I don't get it how other people out there can publish a site that uses normal http and just handles logins or CC payments for that reason via https.
by the way in the listener I have the HTTP to HTTPS redirection off, meaning do not redirect http traffic to https. as this is how it should be otherwise the whole site will end up on https.
could this be a problem?... the way isa is designed if you have that set it sees the redirect requests from within your PHP page and just blocks it? -> RE: Status: 302 Moved Temporarily (28.Jan.2008 11:27:13 AM)

Any luck resolving this issue? I am having the same.

ferrix -> RE: Status: 302 Moved Temporarily (29.Jan.2008 2:38:42 AM)

By an amazing coincidence, we are just now finishing a filter that allows ISA to understand and handle the concept of "HTTPS bouncing" (login with https then serve other pages in http)

It should be up on our web site some time in the next month but it's basically done now.  PM me if you'd like a test drive.

remushociota -> RE: Status: 302 Moved Temporarily (2.Feb.2008 7:09:04 PM)


I got it working for one website. Read this post:
Ignore the first part about that question on system policy and follow the rest between me and Tom.
However for the website with Prado up to this date I couldn't make it work using the same file index.php and a variable after it.
But read through it and tell me if it helps you in any way. For a normal site I can give you some suggestions now.


remushociota -> RE: Status: 302 Moved Temporarily (2.Feb.2008 7:09:56 PM)

Ferrix I would love to find out some more details on this filter you're talking about. -> RE: Status: 302 Moved Temporarily (3.Feb.2008 5:31:15 PM)

I read over that thread... I too am having the same issue similar to "Prado". I have written code that uses redirects between http and https. I can never leave https.

remushociota -> RE: Status: 302 Moved Temporarily (3.Feb.2008 10:58:18 PM)

stweedle let's take this out of the theory level and in practice. Like I said, if you are on https in a page /login.php (or you name it whatever it is .aspx etc ...) and after you check their credentials you send them to a different page like /home.php on HTTP it works. I know how to do that and I can show you. The idea is that you can leave the https if you send them on HTTP but to a different filename. If this is your case drop me a line and I can show you how.
However if you are like me in the "Prado" case and the whole website is accessed using one file name, in this case index.php, and some parameters after that to indicate where exactly you should be like index.php?Page=Admin.Main then from what I can tell you can NOT escape HTTPS.
But I found a way around this as well sending them for logins to different file names and then it works.
So let me know.

remushociota -> RE: Status: 302 Moved Temporarily (8.Feb.2008 1:49:39 AM)

For everyone wondering this can be solved by following this thread:

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