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flakman -> SQL Logging: domain member / non-domain member (14.Jan.2008 5:02:56 PM)

Okay...another logging issue. Here is the background.

I have a back to back setup. The Back End ISA (Domain Member) logs to the SQL box just fine. I am using SQL logins, not windows authentication. All communications across from the Internal network to the DMZ work fine through all ISA boxes.
Setup Front End ISA to log to SQL - Logging and Firewall service fail.
I see on the BE ISA that the SQL connection is initiating and then closing around 8 times, but logging and service at FE ISA never starts.
If I take the FE ISA and put it on the same subnet as the SQL box and join it to the domain, it will connect and log properly. Once I take it off the domain, logs and service fails.

I am stumped. The purpose of using SQL logins is to allow for non-domain member logins, correct? Please advise.



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