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GH056 -> ISA Reporting (17.Jan.2008 5:15:46 PM)

Hi there

I have configured the reporting on user activity and it seems to be working fine. Now I would like to know how to expand on the original report. What I am looking for is entire directory user tracking. The reason I need this is in case someone goes to a site they shouldn't if they aren't on the top user list we don't know. Is there a report that can do this with date and time tracking as well or is this not possible. We used to use a Novell proxy server that would allow us to monitor by user dates and times and we found it very useful on more than one occasion.


elmajdal -> RE: ISA Reporting (18.Jan.2008 3:13:25 AM)

If you dont wish to pay money, then check this :

else, check GFI Web Monitor 4, here is my review :

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