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LucInfo -> unblock sites (4.Feb.2008 11:05:15 AM)

Sorry if this question was already posted, but I donít find any answer about it.
I have a content-rule for the students (web Proxy Clients)  at a school, allowing HTTP and HTTPS.  The HTTP-protocol is filtered on extensions, so they canít downloading files with, for example .exe. It works fine, but now they have discovered websites like unblockade.com or frof.info to get around the security.  Whatís the best way to block this way of working?
Thanks in advance   

elmajdal -> RE: unblock sites (5.Feb.2008 6:06:39 AM)


check this article to know how to block sites : http://www.isaserver.org/articles/2004domainnamesets.html

and use this site to download a ready to use lists of site that you can block. http://isaserver.bm/destination_sets.html

If u want to automate this process, use GFI Web Monitor 4.

LucInfo -> RE: unblock sites (6.Feb.2008 12:28:44 PM)

Thanks for your answer.

But there is no way to block the method who has been used instead to block all the websites?

dinaafifi -> RE: unblock sites (5.Nov.2013 8:06:23 AM)

You can chevk https://www.waselpro.com/en/ it is†my VPN provider it works the best for me.

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