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Monque -> Publishing POP3/SMTP - Help required! (11.Feb.2008 11:16:20 AM)

Dear All,

We spent several hours trying to realize the following scenario.

We would like to publish Exchange 2007 POP3/SMTP via ISA Server 2006.
Present Network configuration, 1 single NIC

INTERNET --- FW ----------- FW --- Exchnage 2007 
                         ISA SERVER

We successfully published OWA with Single NIC and single Topology on ISA 2006.

Now we have the need to provide also POP3 and SMTP Server.These services will be provided by the same Exchange 2007 Server that provides OWA.

ISA server and Exchange are placed on different subnets.

Could someone advise us how to implement and which kind of topology we need to put in place to arrange this configuration?

For this scenario ISA Server requires 2 NICs.
Is it possible to have 2 Servers located on different subnets:
- Exchange  2007
- dedicated subnet between FWs

INTERNET --- FW --- ISA SERVER       FW --- Exchange 2007 
                                             |                     |

But in this kind of scenario we will lose our second FW.

Do we need to create a DNS or MX record for Exchange Server 2007 reachable from the Internet?

Any help appreciated!


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