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Message -> automated log exports (12.Feb.2008 10:39:41 AM)

i am logging to msde right now.  is there a way to, without manually using a copy to clipboard, automatically export those files to a csv or another sql server.  i purposely do not want to log to a remote sql server or csv for other reasons - but there is certain types of analysis i would prefer to perform outside the isa console.

also, is there a way to get isa to log the client host name in addition to client IP?


tshinder -> RE: automated log exports (14.Feb.2008 10:52:42 AM)

Hi Bj,

You can stop the firewall service and then use some osql commands to detach the database and copy is somewhere.

Tom -> RE: automated log exports (19.Feb.2008 10:21:28 AM)


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