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jdmils -> Can I bypass user authentication in ISA? (18.Feb.2008 10:10:46 PM)

I have a domain computer wishing to access a particular website thru ISA. The computer is logged on via local user credentials (not domain credentials) it runs an application which needs access to a website by IP address, say:

How can I tell ISA to not ask for authentication from that one computer and allow the computer access to the one website?

I tested this by logging on using the local credentials. I opened IE and it asked for credentials to access ISA. I put in my domain credential and it worked fine. But how do I get ISA to accept this computer's local credentials instead?

elmajdal -> RE: Can I bypass user authentication in ISA? (19.Feb.2008 2:17:21 AM)

If you want to provide his local credentials, then you should mirror his username/password on ISA Server machine.

lets say his local credential is:

username : tarek
password : elmajdal

then on ISA Server SAM, create a local user with the following :

username : tarek
password : elmajdal


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