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xxben007xx -> custom form login (27.Feb.2008 6:24:02 PM)

i am creating custom login screen based on the MS instructions of copying the isa\html directory. I was able to successfully make changes and view my custom login page, however if i attempt to login with NO username and password, all my customizations are dumped and i get the default blue isa screen. i noticed that the url changes see below:


when its in "formdir=2" my customizations are loaded, however when i attempt to login with no username and password i get directed to "formdir=4" then default setting come back.

if anyone knows where these are coming from i could use some insight as this is very anoying!!!! LOL


bman -> RE: custom form login (7.Mar.2008 9:32:38 AM)

Anyone have any input on this? I am having a similar issue. my custom form comes up ok using formdir=3, but when i logout of OWA, the logout page shows formdir=4 which is the default blue form. If I change it to formdir=3, everything displays correctly with my custom form. Anyone know where the settings are that would cause my custom OWA site to log off to a different formdir?

xxben007xx -> RE: custom form login (7.Mar.2008 10:49:51 AM)

i still have not found a fix for this. but its good to know that i can expect the same issue when i customize my owa screens. NOT! if you find something post it back here, i will do the same!


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