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bruce44 -> IE6 Error 403 with ISA 2004/SurfControl (13.Mar.2008 12:52:36 AM)

We are using ISA 2004 with SurfControl 5.5 and I have a peculiar problem where blocking HTTPS web sites in SurfControl causes an IE6 client 403 error. The same site with IE7 or Firefox client produces the expected SurfControl block message successfully. So the problem is peculiar to IE6.
I have run Ethereal with the IE6 and Firefox transactions and in both cases the 403 response is returned to the client. However with the IE6 client, it seems to shut down the TCP session with the ISA server before the full response is returned to the browser (even though the response does contain the SurfControl block message in later packets). Firefox seems to let the full response packets before shutting down the TCP session.
This is a problem for SurfControl "override" HTTPS sites, as the user cannot select the CONTINUE option due to the 403 error message.
Anyone have any ideas? I have logged a case with SurfControl support, but it seems to be more an IE6 issue so do not expect a solution.

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