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jackstevens_100 -> I wish for a Web Interface (20.Mar.2008 3:07:26 PM)

i wish for a web interface in the new version of ISa due to the fact it is a lot easyer to configure and monitor than using 3rd party applications and consoles as i am techi for many companys and i am not on site very often it would be useful to have it so i have a quick and easy way to configure the dam server but it must be secure by using authentication from RADIUS or Active Directory servers

elmajdal -> RE: I wish for a Web Interface (20.Mar.2008 6:35:54 PM)


Why not publish ISA Server through Windows Server 2008 TS [:D][:D][:D]

Jason Jones -> RE: I wish for a Web Interface (20.Mar.2008 7:32:35 PM)

Why not use the built in VPN service? Pretty secure if configured correctly!

jackstevens_100 -> RE: I wish for a Web Interface (20.Mar.2008 9:08:46 PM)

yerh thats wot i pritty much do at the moment but sometimes the closest device to me is nothing but a smart phone and it would be a lot easyer for me when i am out on the road comuting between jobs

HePa -> RE: I wish for a Web Interface (3.Jun.2008 3:32:42 AM)

I think that it's a good wish...but I'm not a big fan of web-applicaitons and management tools whoch use a web-interface. For the most they do lack of functionality and there are often much more problems with web-applications. I rather go with MMC tools and separate consoles. Anyway I think you have a good "wish" which many other (then me) support and would like to see....but if I choose I rather use the mangament tool instead of a web-application.

fixitchris -> RE: I wish for a Web Interface (6.Jun.2008 9:23:36 AM)

I think web interfaces are great, if designed correctly.  ASP.NET has its own problems and there are many workarounds to what is trivial in regular Windows apps...

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