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doyek -> help : smtp/pop3 block (25.Mar.2008 9:00:31 AM)

Hi to all is there any way to block only and and allow other smtp/pop3 email services? i am using isa 2004SE...thank you in advance.

elmajdal -> RE: help : smtp/pop3 block (25.Mar.2008 9:15:05 AM)


check :

doyek -> RE: help : smtp/pop3 block (25.Mar.2008 10:29:16 AM)

thank you tariq.

i try to put in the domain set a * it does not work. in my policy name pop3/smtp access which allow pop3,smtp,imap4 form selected users but this selected users they add pop3 gmail account on their MSOulook 2003 client. How to configure this access rule to block gmail from accessing mails on googlegroups?

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