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lsalgado -> firewall client and (7.Apr.2008 8:38:17 PM)

very strange issue,  if we uncheck the proxy settings in IE and enable the firewall client, and visit, every page you visit after that takes 1:20 min to come up on IE.

if i start by visiting any page that is NOT,,,, all is OK.

the moment i visit the browser takes its time. we are using IE7 xp pro sp2.

firefox with no proxy settings, direct connection, works OK.

the issue is constant on multiple PCs and involves only the firewall client and we tried this on two different ISA servers, with full admin privs.

AHIT -> RE: firewall client and (14.May2008 11:35:54 PM)

when I first saw this post a month or so back, I shrugged and thought "no idea" and that someone would respond... seems not!
All I can assume is some form of name resolution issue.
A quick ssearch finds!BC3213176E0489FD!392.entry titled "DNS Issues Lead to Spurious Blaming of ISA Firewall for Performance Problems".. could this be the case here?

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