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jgarcia -> VPN Connectivity Issue (12.May2008 6:49:28 PM)

I added a second DSL line at my office to increase my bandwidth and in doing so - cannot have outside users access my network via VPN anymore. I know what the problem is, but am not  sure how to fix it.

I ran two DSL lines through a Linksys VPN router (RV042) and enabled the routers load balance feature. I ran that Linksys router to my ISA server (extenal NIC) and assinged the external NIC of the ISA server an internal IP address (that feeds an internal switch. The internal NIC runs to the internal swtich as well. So it looks like this:

                       DSL1 71.160.113.x   DSL2 71.160.113.x
                       LINKSYS VPN ROUTER (
                               To Internal Network Swtich

I can ping the two DSL IP's, but obviously need then to connect to them via VPN. I'm thinking that I need to create a publishing rule that will point thta internal IP ( to one of the externals?

jgarcia -> RE: VPN Connectivity Issue (28.May2008 9:40:27 PM)

Scratch this post, but what I am really looking to do is to redirect my VPN users (who currently can't connect to my network) to the ISA server when the ISA Server currently has two NIC's that look like this:

Internal NIC -
External NIC -

The original IP of the External NIC was, but I needed to give it the for another reason.

I can go into more details later if needed.

A little help here please![:o]

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