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tiwas -> EAS not going through - no rule hit (19.May2008 5:57:28 PM)

Hi all,

I was hoping some of the gurus in here can help me shed some light on my ActiveSync problems. :)

I've set up a rule, pretty much following the prefab tasks in ISA2k6 for both OWA and ActiveSync. My OWA works fine, but EAS fails miserably even though they share the same listener.

What happens is that ActiveSync connects and I will get several connection attempts with destionation as the outside IP. None of these go through, and the rule field is empty. If I try to access OWA everything works fine.

Now, my biggest problem here is that it doesn't even hit the default rule, and since the destination isn't the internal IP it seems it's not even trying to pass it through. The external IP matches the IP set in the listener.

Anyone got any tips on what might be the problem? I would really appreciate it as I've spent way too much time on this now ;)


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