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spliterman -> some sites are SLOWWW (21.May2008 12:41:32 AM)

    I have upgraded a hardware firewall and internet router and since the upgrade some sites load very slow. If I connect a pc directly to the firewall, speed is normal so I think I can rule it out. I am leaning towards some setting I missed. The site that is giving me the biggest headache is The page first loads blank and then after about 3 minutes loads fully. I have tried creating a destination set and routing rule to not cache content from the site to no avail. Any help will be greatly appriciated. 

AHIT -> RE: some sites are SLOWWW (26.May2008 3:41:08 AM)

SO how's the physical connection work?

Internet <-a-> Router <-b-> Hardware firewall <-c-> ISA <-d-> internal clients

and if you plug something in at point c you get 'normal' speed?
... yes it was the router and hardware firewall that changed config?

ISA DNS caching - clear caching in ISA and (if running one on the ISA box) the MS DNS server as well
Resolution of the site seems 'quick' if the first page loads quick so...
ISA cache itself - use either cachedir tool to do one off or delete full ISa cache and restart services so it forces a clear.

... or it might just work normally tomorrow anyway ???

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