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DavidBell -> ODBC through ISA (17.Jun.2008 10:12:44 AM)

Hi All,

Iím using ISA 2000 on Server 2000.

Iím fairly new at ISA and Iím not quite sure how to configure ISA for external ODBC connections.

I am trying to open up the ISA firewall to allow ODBC connection to an external server.

I am connecting to an SQL Anywhere 10 database server and it is listening on port 2368.

I have created a Protocol Definition for port 2368 and set the primary connection direction as Outbound.  I have also specified a secondary connection for the same port direction Inbound.

I have created a Destination Set and set the ip address to the ip address of my SQL Anywhere server.

I have created a Client Address set and specified a range for my internal network.

Finally I have created and Access Policy Protocol Rule to allow access to the protocol definition I have created and applied it to the client set I created.

When I test my ODBC connection it isnít finding the SQL Anywhere server.

The ODBC connection works fine when itís not behind ISA so I know that my ODBC connection has be configured correctly.

I feel that I am missing something with the way I have configured ISA.  Can anyone help or point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance for any help received.

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