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kamalM -> AD Authentication and Firewall Client Problem (19.Jun.2008 10:51:32 AM)

I have a ISA Server 2006 member of Active Directory,and I set it all clients who want to connect ot internet have a invalid IP and all packet (such az yahoo messenger or Web or another things )route to my NAT Server(Cisco Router) it is working until I set all rule by
'ALL Users' now I want only authenticate users can connect to internet I install Firewall Client on my sessions and It connect to ISA (I uncheck web browser item on that)but after I set it many packet can connect to internet and another packets cannot. If I replace NAT with route rule It was worked but with this rule It cannot
policy firewall rule
name:Test action:Allow protocols:All outbound protocols From:Internal To:External Condition:Internet_Users
Network Rules:
Name:Test Source:Internal Destination:External Relation:Route
HTTP: uncheck web proxy filter

could you help me PLZ PLZ

tshinder -> RE: AD Authentication and Firewall Client Problem (15.Jul.2008 8:40:58 AM)

Install Service Pack 1 on the firewall and then use the traffic simulator and advanced diagnostics to find what the problem is.


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