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unleashedpsycho -> WSUS on ISA Server (24.Jun.2008 9:25:06 AM)

Can i install WSUS on ISA Server?
What problems would i face if i did?

Can any please help on this....

Thanks advance...

gbarnas -> RE: WSUS on ISA Server (24.Jun.2008 10:25:38 AM)

If the question is - can you use WSUS to maintain an ISA server, the answer is absolutely. You just need to permit HTTP traffic between the ISA and your WSUS server.

If you want to host WSUS on the ISA server, the question becomes "Why on earth would you do that?". Installing anything (other than DNS or a select few other components) is an extremely bad idea as it can significantly compromise the security of the ISA server. So - technically, you could, but shouldn't.


unleashedpsycho -> RE: WSUS on ISA Server (25.Jun.2008 2:11:29 AM)

Thanks you very much Sir gbarnas for replying..
Guess i'll have to manage it on another system...

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