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artemgassan -> Reverse Caching (29.Jun.2008 10:21:51 PM)

I have multiple internal web sites and I would like to setup reverse cache only for specific one. Here is what I have done so far:
1. I disabled Default cache rule.
2. Created new cache rule
a) In TO tab I created Domain Name set (* and
b) Cache Store and Retrieval tab I am using "Only if valid version of the object exists in cache. If no valid version exists, route the request" and "If source and request headers indicate to cache (Dynamic content is checked)"
c) HTTP tab enabled and TTL = 20%, TTL boudaries 15 minutes and 1 day
d) FTP disabled
e) Advanced "Do not cache objects larger than 5MB" and "Cache SSL responses unchecked"

I aslo setup Content Download Jobs to run every 1 hr.

Here is my questions:
1. How does ISA server determined the cache (how does it know if file - content is new or old)? Do I need to have meta tag for it?
2. How to test if cache is working? I tryed to use CACHEDIR.exe but I dont see any objects there.
3. How to determine which files can be pulled from cache  (*.aspx, *.css)? Can I define it? Can I control which mime type will be cached and which one not to?

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