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rashpal -> Block IM (31.Jul.2008 6:11:49 AM)

Hi to all,

I have two user,  user A and user B.

I would like to block user A from using yahoo and msn messenger and user B is allowed to use this two IM.

How can I configure this polilcy and what is the signature for skype and google talk.

Thanks in advance.

elmajdal -> RE: Block IM (31.Jul.2008 9:21:25 AM)


Check this article :

paulo.oliveira -> RE: Block IM (31.Jul.2008 9:43:25 AM)


if Im not mistaken, the signature for skype is skype and for google talk is Google Talk.

If this not work, then you should use a network snnifer and see for yourself. Please let us know!! [:D]

Check this for more signatures:

And this great article for hunt signatures [;)]

Paulo Oliveira.

rashpal -> RE: Block IM (31.Jul.2008 9:19:36 PM)

Thanks for the info and link appreciate it.

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