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umapal -> Online orders duplicating (6.Aug.2008 10:52:55 PM)

I recently built a ISA2004 server for my client and running fine. But
lately the users are complaining that when they use the browser to
order online and purchase things, their orders are duplicated and
sometimes triplicated. It happens intermittently and randomly on
various websites. For example, if they order 1 stapler and 1 cartridge
from, the order gets to the vendor as 2
staplers and 2 cartridges. I manage to capture the ISA logs when one
of the user had their order triplicated, but I could not find anything
that was out of normal. Tasks I performed at my end, 1) Added the site
to the cache exclusionl ist 2)marked the site as obselete using
cachedir tool , so the site will not be served from cache. But the
problem still exists. Has anyone experinced this problem or can help
me? Thanks

elmajdal -> RE: Online orders duplicating (15.Aug.2008 10:25:27 AM)

mmm, have applied SP3 for ISA Server 2004 ? maybe this would help

umapal -> RE: Online orders duplicating (16.Sep.2008 12:16:10 AM)

It is already on SP3. Do you have any ideas? I did some isolation with the help of network guys that that there is no problem at the network side. Thanks

ferrix -> RE: Online orders duplicating (16.Sep.2008 3:05:02 AM)

Forward proxy users?  For https sites ISA can't even see the http traffic unless you're using a plugin.  Are you sure something on the browers or systems are not at fault?  

umapal -> RE: Online orders duplicating (16.Sep.2008 7:10:56 PM)

Thanks for the reply. We don't have any plug-ins to monitor https traffic. All I see a POST when the connection initiates.The users have tried with different desktops, different versions of browsers, still happening. The conclusion from my troubleshooting is that the problem lies with the proxy server. (When the desktops access the internet without proxy server , no duplication occurs. I got our security guys to open firewall ports for a couple of desktops for couple of days for testing purpose)

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