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fixitchris -> combat ARP spoofing (23.Aug.2008 2:08:47 AM)

This tool is not so much ISA related as it is Gateway related.... but it still might spark some ideas.

elmajdal -> RE: combat ARP spoofing (17.Mar.2009 6:32:33 PM)

Hi Chris,

Is your webserver down ?

fixitchris -> RE: combat ARP spoofing (18.Mar.2009 4:51:26 AM)

Yes it is, and I might have lost all the aspx at least.  I still have all the ISA source/binaries.  My OS drive failed and like a dummy I was backing up my inetpub folder to a 2nd partition on the same drive.

I went out and got a HP ML110, ReadyNas 4300, and an APC UPS.  I'm going to throw in 4 1TB HDD into the NAS and put eSXi on the server.  It will be a while before it is back up, but it will be back!

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