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xsproltd -> ntdll.dll (4.Sep.2008 12:40:19 PM)

We have an ISA 2004 Server (SP2) running on Windows 2000 Advanced server.

For some reason every 1  to 2 Weeks, the firewall service fails

The Firewall service stopped because an application filter module
C:\WINDOWS\system32\ntdll.dll generated an exception code *some code* in address
*some address* when function CompleteAsyncIO was called. To resolve this error,
remove recently installed application filters and restart the service.

I have checked the server up and down and cant find ANY clues as to what could be causing this.

Caching is now disabled.
There are absolutely no third party products or filters installed in this ISA Server.
I have checked for viruses and spyware and all other operations seem normal.

Does anyone have any ideas please?


royh -> RE: ntdll.dll (5.Sep.2008 7:01:32 AM)

To Which SP your Windows server is patched?

xsproltd -> RE: ntdll.dll (5.Sep.2008 7:31:11 AM)

Windows 2000 Advanced Server - SP4

xsproltd -> RE: ntdll.dll (8.Sep.2008 12:49:51 PM)

OK, maybe this is or isnt of use to anyone, but it seems a service pack upgrade would fix this issue.

I am however, reluctant to install SP3 on ISA 2004 as i know it caused internet access problems for many, and we have 120 users sitting behind this network.

So for now, my only option is to disable the HTTP compression as thats whats causing the issue.

I dont know how this will affect the server in terms of performance or security, but its my only hope at the moment.

Im reasonably certain that this will resolve the problem for now

Any thoughts welcome


royh -> RE: ntdll.dll (10.Sep.2008 6:49:55 PM)


Download regcure and repair your ntdll.dll. The tool can be found at:



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