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kwhelan -> is 2004/2006 upgrade going to help (14.Sep.2008 8:40:08 PM)

I have installed a brand new server2008 ts with iis gateway and tsweb included and all 3389 rdp traffic is working well throuh isa 2004.
However all tsweb or gateway connections (perfect on the lan using both http or https/gateaway and bypassed) are unusable due to timeouts etc when coming from external through isa2004.
Certificate is purchased and verified working,and because isa seems to handle the remote connections fine using standard 3389 ports it seems to be bridging the https gateway which is causing the timeouts.

Wondering would upgrading to isa 2006 help or is there some other reason why this isn't working reliably.
Aware that stirling is coming so don't wish to upgrade twice if avoidable.

tshinder -> RE: is 2004/2006 upgrade going to help (15.Sep.2008 8:23:59 AM)

Check out last month's TechNet magazine for an article I did with Yuri Diogenes on TSG publishing using the ISA firewall.


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