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shaila -> GFI WEB Monitor (21.Oct.2008 6:00:38 AM)

Pls tl me how to install GFI web-monitor on ISA 2004 server, i tied to install, but i can not see the monitoring page contents screen, only top of the screen im getting GFI Monitoring image written. Is there anything else we have to set in ISA, so that the montioring can be viewd????????

Rotorblade -> RE: GFI WEB Monitor (21.Oct.2008 8:30:08 AM)

Do you have a support SLA with GFI? If so, give them a call.

If not, you may want to try their KB and support forum.



anthonyrod -> RE: GFI WEB Monitor (9.Nov.2008 4:43:03 AM)

Hi Shaila,

I'm not sure if you got your problem fixed or not. But I had faced the same problem.  I had to install Java Runtime... since the WebMonitor displays all the info as webpages.
Hope this is helpful info.


nicks -> RE: GFI WEB Monitor (10.Nov.2008 11:52:59 AM)


I doubt that installing Java will solve the problem, since GFI WebMonitor does not actually make use of Java.

Are you trying to view the GFI WebMonitor configuration from the machine where GFI WebMonitor is installed? Do you get any errors at all?

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