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darkgabeman -> CNN streaing is not working (28.Oct.2008 7:45:52 AM)

i cant get this video working through ISA 2004

its working fine from internet
its even working from ISA machine itself

i created an the following access rule
from : test machine
to : external
protocols : all
content types : all
users : all users

i put this rule on the top
upstream server is the ISP proxy (working from outside)
removed this domian name from Cache and excluded from cache policy

but the videos is not working
it always give "general error" in the place of video

live logging does not show any denied connections

am i missing any thing???????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

darkgabeman -> RE: CNN streaing is not working (6.Nov.2008 2:27:10 AM)

no body want to answer hah [:@]

recently i resolved this [;)]

i noticed that the above site streaming was coming from another website and it was among a category that was blocked by websense

so it wasn't an ISA problem

and of course you wouldn't know if its a websense problem because i didn't recieve any error messages from websense (as the streaming is comming from another site)

Combnet -> RE: CNN streaing is not working (11.Nov.2008 8:40:16 AM)

Thanks for sharing it.

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