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hollistera -> Publishing Internal Server (9.Nov.2008 5:52:45 PM)

I have a test network setup. The ISA server has three NICs and is setup as a front firewall. I have subsequently added an additional NIC and ISA network containing a webserver.

I have published that webserver on the Internal network successfully. However, I would like to connect to that website via the proxy address - not add it to the proxy bypass list. Can I achieve this?

i.e Web browser --> Proxy --> Web publishing rule --> website 

NOT Web browser --> Web publishing rule --> website

I have got the second scenario above working, but I want the first scenario.

Is this possible? If so how?

Which is the correct/preferred way to do this and why?

I have read conflicting arguments about whether you should connect internal clients direct to the Web publisher or via the proxy server so it would be useful to understand why it should be done one way or the other.
Thanks in advance

tshinder -> RE: Publishing Internal Server (15.Nov.2008 7:49:41 AM)

In general, you shouldn't bounce off the firewall to reach internal resources. This reduces the firewall's overall performance and doesn't add to security.


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