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tmauro23 -> Path redirection to different ports (12.Nov.2008 9:56:14 AM)

We want to publish multiple websites on a single web server by using various ports other than 80.  To access the different sites, we were looking into path redirection so that based upon the external path, we could redirect to a different internal path or site.  Can path redirection be used in conjunction with various ports, i.e:

where AA would be redirected to port 8080 and BB be redirected to port 8081 using a single rule?  If not, if anyone can suggest the best alternative rather than creating 50 rules that would be helpful.  Thanks!

alsace -> RE: Path redirection to different ports (13.Nov.2008 6:57:15 PM)

Hi tmauro23,

(assumption: you are using IIS.)

To my knowledge this cannot be achieved within ISA unless the end user is specifically including the port in the URL. (eg

And of course the path is allowed in your listener (if configured).

Given that a web publishing rule in ISA can only listen for one published site (host header), then the user would have to specify that header in the URL ( which would invoke the listener and publishing rule…..but in order to send them to a specific directory then these paths would also have to be specified (

To be redirected to a specific port this (I think) needs to be done on the IIS side with HTTP redirects. This means anything destined for or  could be redirected to or anywhere you wanted – the point being that it occurs server-side. I don’t think ISA is capable of this.

Host headers could also be defined within IIS (eg your website is defined as but IIS could listen on This does not get around the requirement of multiple ISA publishing rules though.

Could you have ONE web publishing rule listening for on ALL PATHS (so it would respond to,,, etc)…..and redirect it to whatever site you wanted on IIS with HTTP redirects?

Dunno sorry…this would have to be tested and possibly would also need some web development (over my head).

Using Host Headers:
Http redirect:

Hope this helps


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